Data/video synchronization strategies?

How do people line up the various data sources for driving videos? What triggers or cues do you look for?

In video production it is common practice to use a clapper to align the audio/video sync.

The easiest cue for gps seems to be going from standstill to motion. If the video starts while in motion already it seems really difficult to find any cues to align.

What strategies do you use?


  • 1) Leaving pits / Entering pits / Standstill-to-motion / Motion-to-standstill are great for setting the initial sync.

    2) Satellite imagery against video for finer sync: Look for timing line etc. on the tarmac, on both video and satellite imagery. Or maybe a tunnel or a bridge.

    3) Audio against RPM data. Just take in account RPM data might be little off-sync from the GPS data. There will be a feature later that will allow to adjust the sync between data from different devices.
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    Primarily I use Gopros built in GPS and RC's automatic sync which normally works very well. But if that doesn't work, if GPS was off in the Gopro or something, I tend to use tight lateral transitions and the "combined acceleration" - meter for fine tuning by going frame by frame more or less. And then double checking that rpm matches audio and car diving in the video (when going from full acceleration to full braking mainly)


    But I do have a slight problem, if I match the video to GPS perfectly the OBD data is slightly off. And if I match video and OBD data perfectly the GPS based data (including combined acc) will be slightly off instead.

  • @MagnusThome there will be GPS and OBD-II sync adjust soon. I was supposed to do it already on v7.0 but due to some circumstances it got pushed back to v7.1
  • Super! It's a very small adjustment needed but a very nice addition when you get around to it!

  • I start from matching the gearshifts with the sound. Then - some fine tuning. If some of the dials appear in camera and is available via OBD - might be something to look as well(e.g., I could show the throttle position on the infotainment screen).
  • +1 to sound vs RPMs and gear shifts
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