seat ibiza pedal position

hi i am trying to set my laptimer to get data during trackdays.
can someone help me with the pedal position?
In vagcom or me7 logger I have no problems, but I am afraid that I should create a custom sid, and I don't know where to start. Thanks for your help. I am using an obdlinx mx to communicate with racechrono pro


  • Which pedal?

    Accelerator: Enable the "Accelerator pedal position" and/or "Throttle position" in RaceChrono > Settings > Vehicle profile > Fast channels

    Clutch and brake pedals: These are not part of standard OBD-II and you'll need to add custom ones. You need to know at least which PID number they are on your car.
  • sorry, acelerator problem is that in vagcom, I can see the pedal position just fine. channel 63, from which I deduce that it is possible to access by obd. I would like to know if it is possible to configure a pid to see that data. for now I can only see the position of the throttle, but this is not 100% true with respect to the pedal. thanks for your help
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