Use "Opt" for "Time delta"?

One thing I enjoy in iRacing that I currently can't recreate in RaceChrono is a "Compare to opt" setting.

Today the default "Compare to" setting is the best lap of the session; then I can manually choose any other lap from the same session, or add "Reference lap" from any other session.
At my current level of experience, all of my fastest laps have minor mistakes here and there. This causes the real-time time delta display to be less useful when I drive at the same part of the track again. As I work on improving my driving, I want to have instant feedback when/where I lose time against the fastest my car can go (or rather the fastest I went so far), not "what are my gains compared to the mistakes I've made during on my PB lap'.

Hope this feature request makes sense and isn't too hard to implement? I'm sure there are many others who will benefit from that too.


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    It's pretty hard to implement this taking in account RC's software architecture, and therefore it hasn't been done yet. It's not impossible, but just quite hard.
  • Understood. It will be very much appreciated though!

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    I got really curious about what limitations you're referring to.
    I'm thinking there might be a simple-ish way to write a script that takes a VBO exported from a RaceChrono session and synthesizes fake data that stitches optimal sectors together into a single lap; but then I wonder if that's simple-ish, why can't RaceChrono just do that?
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    Unfortunately I cannot explain it without explaining the internal architecture :)
  • Curious how hard would it be to implement this idea:
    1) for the current sector and the current position, calculate the time delta against the same sector in the opt lap of this session
    2) calculate at what time since the start of the lap the current sector started
    3) calculate the sum of opt sectors until the current sector

    Then time delta should be (1) + (2) - (3)?
  • @timurrrr Well, yes, that's somewhat easier.
  • Is that idea good enough to unblock your work on this feature? :blush:
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    Cannot say for sure before I start working on it... I like this feature anyways, so it will eventually get done no matter how difficult it is. But it's not like I would have time to start it next week, as I already have big features under works :)
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