Problem with garmin GLO2

I follow the guide and try 2 time to use the GLO2 paired with my iPhone 5.

the guide says that the setting was “internal gps”

but, in both sessions (misanino kart IT & pista azzurra Jesolo IT) racecrono recorded at 3Hz generating some bad lines and times...

why does it work at only 3Hz? That antenna paired to a Samsung S3 works regular at 10Hz...

please help me


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    It's normal that it is 3-4 Hz. That is what you get with iOS when using Garmin GLO. If you want better update rate you'll need different receiver unfortunately.

    If the data quality is not good, maybe try to place the GLO differently; somewhere with clear view to sky, and not blocked by the driver.
  • So, is 10hz if I change receiver?

  • with some issues.... i finally found a BL-818GT in netherlands ( and did the payment today...

    qstarz doesn't have italian re-seller...
  • @aol
    It seems like recommendation of vbox sport has removed. May I ask why?
  • @ppanda Nothing dramatic has happened. I just think the new Qstarz BL-1000GT is more recommendable.
  • Really weird: I bought my Qstarz 818XT 10 years ago for around 60 Euros. The new Qstarz receivers have little more than an updated stack (Bluetooth, GPS chipset) and now cost more than double. While you can build a 10Hz GPS-Glonass-Galileo receiver plus Bluetooth for <30 Euro - see the DYI topics in this forum.
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