Can't link video files to session

Hi all, sorry for newb question here.... just recorded my 1st track day with my new Gopro Hero8. I've managed to get the appropriate video files loaded onto my iPhone in a "RaceChrono" album, and within RaceChrono these two video files are appearing within the "Photos app" dropdown source on the video selection screen. However, I can't seem to figure out how to get them linked to the session (the session got split into 2 vids, I've confirmed they are the correct ones for the session visually, and they are both appearing in the Video list). When I click on the first video, it takes me into the Analysis screen. The OBD & map data are there and scrollable, but at the top, the overlay graphics show up, but there is no video (just black), and I cannot play or scroll forward in time. When I go back out to the Video selection screen, it still says "Not linked to this session" under the video, even though the video thumbnail is there, along with MB and time. Am I missing something to get the video linked? From what I gather simply clicking on the video thumbnail should automatically link it, no? Thanks so much


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