Weird date in logged sessions (version 7.0.10)

Hi, I did a track day yesterday (October 18th) and noticed some strange behaviour on the notation of dates in the sessions:

A lot of short sessions as I was testing out some stuff on the paddock btw :blush:

After adding a name to the session, it looks OK:


  • Thank you for the report. RaceChrono resolves the date when you open the session, so I'm thinking the dates were unresolved for some reason at first. I've seen some problems with this, although not exactly this behaviour, but there will be some fixes related to this soon.
  • OK, glad to report. Just took a look at the comparison features and they are awesome!
  • @mart_nl Was there anything special you did? Like on how you recorded the sessions? Or did you upgrade the app between recording and opening the sessions? I'm asking because I'm having a hard time reproducing the problem :)
  • edited October 2020
    Nothing special really, the app was updated a few days before the sessions started. I boot up the app, start a session and end it again. I've made a short video to illustrate:

    This is a very short version (10 seconds), but the same happend to the longer sessions (30 mins.+)
  • Hello, how do I solve this problem. It started to happen to me now with a Qstarz 1000ex. Thanks

  • @Gonzaracer Please turn on "RaceChrono > Settings > Expert settings > Save device output". Then record a session (with this problem). Then share the session to me (as .rcz file) to tracks(at)
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