Mark a single sector as invalid, not the whole lap/run?

edited October 2020 in General


I went to an autocross the other day and hit some cones :)

I realized that in order for me to get a useful "Opt lap", I need to combine sectors from different laps, but also ignore specific sectors where I've hit cones. On one occasion I had the best 1st sector, but then hit a few cones in the middle of the second sector, also set the "best" second sector. Since the second sector was "dirty", it shouldn't be used for the "opt lap", but the first sector should.

I believe currently I can only mark a whole lap as invalid? Should be easy to support making individual sectors invalid, I guess. Might be useful for track usage, e.g. if you get a massive slipstream on a straight, or cut a chicane, or something.

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