Better color coding for best/good/ok/bad sectors?

I've noticed that in between track day sessions it's challenging for me to glance at the overview table in the "Sectors" mode and tell how good/bad each individual sector was.

Here are examples of how the "Sectors" table from my recent track day looks like:

Here are some ideas:
1) The best sectors are highlighted in bold. It's a bit hard to see even on the screenshots, and even harder to see in the paddock under direct sunlight, etc.
Can we use the "purple" color, like in F1?

2) Almost everything is red. It feels like the UI is screaming at me.
I think it would be easier to read if red was used only for "bad" sectors (e.g. I was stuck in traffic), whereas most "ok" sectors should be e.g. yellow (like in F1) or gray

3) All the sectors of the best lap are highlighted blue.
It's hard to see if all of them were good/green or not.
Perhaps only the "Lap" and "Full" cells should be highlighted, and other cells in the best lap row should use the same color scheme as other laps?
If that's not sufficient, you can try putting like a red border around the row or something.

4) I noticed that sometimes the Opt sector doesn't show up at all in the table.
It appears in this session my opt 2nd sector happened on lap 17 which was interrupted by a checkered flag.
Lap 17 doesn't show up in the table at all.
Perhaps it would be useful if I could see a partial row for lap 17 with an "N/A" lap time or something.

5) Similarly, the color coding in other table modes makes little sense.
Why is the "Start" time for laps before my best lap of the day highlighted in green, and later laps highlighted in red?
I presume it's because "less is green, more is red", but I don't think that's a correct logic for "lap start time" :)
Ditto for distance, why is larger distance green/better than shorter distance (red/worse)?

Would be happy to help experiment with the color coding!
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