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  • https://ibb.co/25sVXd5

    This is how I have always imagined it. On the right the usual current lap, best lap and time difference. On the left, however, we have a map with the trajectories made between the current lap and the best / selected lap.
    Then we have bars for the accelerator between the current lap and the best / selected lap. It would also be perfect to be able to have the brake data in the opposite side.
    Data Speed difference as usual.

    All to the left so that you can also see the movements of the steering wheel.

    Do you think we can do something similar? What do you think about it?
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  • @PeppeL Thank you for the suggestion! It looks quite different from what it is now, and I'm looking to do more of incremental changes, rather than changing everything. But maybe some of the ideas could be included at some point!
  • For us non-professionals, you learn a lot from a well-made video rather than from real telemetry. Here is the idea of ​​inserting the comparison of the accelerator - brake between two laps and the different trajectories. If you succeed in this in my opinion you do not need anything else. And the Garmin catalyst will be outdated hahaha
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  • @PeppeL I like the idea of comparison accelerator! But I need to think how they could be integrated to the overlay.
  • On the left side there is the graph of the trajectory followed, the difference in speeds and the difference with the previous lap with accelerator and brake. You currently have the accelerator expressed as a percentage with the circular shape. You should use the vertical bar and do the same with the brake if possible
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