Throttle position shows 14-88, never 0-100

Any ideas for this issue? My throttle position seems to show about 14% open while in neutral and 88% while on wide open throttle... what gives? Can’t figure this out.

running it on my 2007 BMW 328i for a track day.

also a quick overlay issue - once I record a video, can I change the overlay? I thought so but it won’t let me change to my template 2 (template 1 I have lean angle etc for my motorcycle) but it keeps defaulting to template 1 no matter what I do.


  • Very normal for the throttle or TPS or whatever you're logging to not be 0-100 exactly as reported by the ECU. If I remember session review it will show the 14-88 range, but if/when you go to export a video/overlay, it will scale it such as it shows a full range of motion from 0 to 100.
  • Overlay editor has "Scale to min/max" option, not sure if it's enabled as default, probably not.
  • Do you need throttle (valve) position, or accelerator (pedal) position?

  • good point! I need accelerator position, but on the edit overlay page only Throttle position shows to choose from under my OBDII reader... hmmmm.... when I put “show scaled value” on, it actually goes from like 14-99 now, but it never shows zero.

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    The value probably goes to 0 when the car is turned off, so RaceChrono a bit daftly scales only from 0-88, not 14-88.
  • Do you have the "Accelerator pedal" data channel in the session? What is the range of values there? I think the overlay editor sometimes indeed calls it "Throttle position" even though internally it uses the accelerator pedal position data.

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