Lap time issue on my exported video

Hi, RC team.

I got an issue on my exported overlaid video.

The "Lap Time" of Current and Previous jumps to "0" once I pass finish line (3:45 in the video). It's a rally race, so the start and finish are at different locations. However, I've exported some rally videos before and did not have this issue.
It appears normal in my RC app (Android). Only happens in exported video.

Can RC team have a look at this issue, and let me know how I can improve this?


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    Looks like a bug. There were changes made to the timer code in last summer, so this probably appeared then. Please send the session (share as .rcz file) to me at tracks(at) . I will use it to fix the issue ASAP.
  • sent it to Let me know if your don't receive my email.
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    Fixed for v7.1. I try to release the beta for Android soon, but I'm currently having some trouble that is blocking the release, so it might still take some time ...
  • Thanks for the update, I'm looking forward to the revised beta.
  • FYI: The beta is already out, heading towards full production release
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