Crossbox GPS Receiver

Hey everyone, I recently tried to connect one of these sensors to the RC Android App. The sensor has BLE capability etc.. but would not show up as an available device on my phone.

Sadly so as the sensor is 20hrz and has 6 axis accelerometer etc.... so potential for excellent data quality. But the native app is a little too "basic" and for now geared 100% towards motocross.

Any ideas about possible work arounds to get the CB sensor to connect to RC or have they managed to pair sensor to there app only?



  • It's currently not supported. There's no standard protocol for Bluetooth LE GPS with more than 1 Hz update rate, so every device has their own.
  • Thanks for the reply AOL - any possibility that it would be supported in the future?
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    @ZeroPoint1 It's expensive, so I'm not sure. I need to think about it. Might be that not many would buy it. Qstarz BL-1000GT and BL-818GT are much cheaper and have a good GPS chip and accelerometer on them... And 1000GT has logging to a memory card.
  • Thanks again for the reply and the continued updates
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