Other ways to sort "Tracks"?

The local AutoX clubs host their events in only a couple of locations.
Every time I walk the course in the morning, I create a custom track in RaceChrono.
However, the default sorting order makes it hard to use, frequently offering some very old AutoX tracks at the top of the list.
As AutoX tracks don't really have "names", I have to come up with some easy-to-spot name name every time I create a new track.

I believe the default sorting order shows nearest tracks first?
I wish there was a way to sort by modification date, newest first.

Or maybe even "by modification date, within X miles/km from me".
This would be helpful in another scenario I run into (although not as frequently) when I go to some local track, take the RC-included track layout, and then add my own checkpoints. Sometimes I end up with multiple iterations or variations of my version of the track layout; and again it's hard to pick the right one from the list.


  • You can switch between the "My" and "Nearby" tabs, which give you different sort. It's only alphabetical vs. distance though.
  • Yup, I found that already. I put the date in the YYYYMMDD format at the start of the name of AutoX layouts to differentiate between them. But even then it's sometimes easy to pick the wrong one by accident.
    Can you add an option to sort tracks by modification date?

    Or maybe an option to "star" a track so that it's highlighted or something.
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