Allow importing reference sectors from different layouts of the same track?

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One of the tracks I go to (Thunderhill) has multiple configurations:
1) 3 miles
2) 3 miles with a bypass of one of the corners
3) 2 miles
4) combined 5 miles, where a couple of connectors are added
5) 5 miles with a bypass in the 2 mile part
6) 5 miles with both bypasses

It's frequent that I want to use sections of my best lap(s) from one configuration as a reference for another.
For example between (1) and (2), the only difference is just a couple of corners. In fact both layouts share the same checkpoints. So what I did before is I imported my data from one layout into another, and simply ignored just the sectors that don't match.
I wish at this stage there was a way to mark a sector as invalid, rather than a whole lap.

I went to the (1),(2) and (3) configurations over the last few months, and soon plan to attend the (4).
It would be cool if there was a way to import my data from my recent track days into a new session so that I have reference sectors where layouts overlap. I wonder how many other RaceChrono'ers also share the same multi-configuration use case.


  • Have you tried to add a reference lap from that session? You can clear the track filter when selecting the reference session, so you can add reference lap from a session on different track configuration.
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