Session Organization and merging

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I know I've been pestering a lot recently, but this one is more of a feature request that isn't critical, more of a nice-to-have.

The session menu is pretty disorganized right now. It would be great if there was a way to group sessions, whether that be with folders. I know right now you can sort by track, date or best lap, but when you have a ton of sessions, you end up scrolling for a long time to find what you want.

Another feature request is the ability to merge 2 sessions together. When first using RC, I didnt' realize that I could resume a session, so I have tons of sessions for a single weekend, which makes the session menu even more cluttered. It gets even worse when you consider that I loan my datalogging phone and GPS out to my friends at events so they can get some session data too. Normally I've just labeled their sessions with their name, but my point here is that I have a long wall of sessions and there is no way to group/minimize a group/jump to a track,etc.


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    Session join is already on my TO-DO. I'm unsure if I should complicate the app with session list folders, as I already recently overhauled the view and added search...
  • Perhaps being able to collapse the groups when viewing by track for example?

    That's a low hanging fruit that would make scrolling through sessions a bit quicker.

  • Sounds reasonable.
  • Hi,

    Is there going to be an update on this? I would highly appreciate this also. Thanks.
  • Unfortunately this has not progressed.
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