OBDlink MX+: Reading CAN bus on McLaren on OBD pin 1+9?


I'd like to use RaceChrone with the OBDlink MX+ in my McLaren 720S.
I got some documentation on the McLaren specific CAN bus PIDs (they all seem to use the same Bosch ECU) here:

But McLaren seems to use pin 1+9 on the OBD plug for the powertrain CAN bus:

Does anyone know if the OBDlink MX+ can properly read that?


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    My guess is that it has another CAN-Bus for diagnostics on the normal pin locations, and OBDLink will use that when connected directly. Not sure if that bus has all the useful packets. Another option would be to create an adapter cable that would connect only 12V and GND and re-route the CAN-HI and CAN-LO to the standard positions.
  • Yeah, i was thinking about an adapter cable as well... the standard positions should be pin 6+14 , right?
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    As far as I remember but better to look it up carefully. But what I know is that you need to connect only those 4 wires nothing more. EDIT: There seems to be two different grounds, maybe connect both of them to be extra safe.
  • Thanks for the quick replies, will order some components for an adapter cable while still waiting for the MX+ to arrive :smile:
  • @aol I got this answer from the OBDlink support:
    "While GM-LAN would be located on these pins(which MX+ has access to), this does not sound like an OBD-II network and it is likely you would need to verify that RaceChrono supports reading requests from this network)."
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    @rookie1 I'm pretty sure it's not GM-LAN at those pins, in your mclaren :lol:

    GM-LAN is pretty similar to CAN-Bus so I don't know actually if it would or would not work without the adapter cable. I bet there's a diagnostic CAN-Bus in the standard pins and the adapter will just access that bus....
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