Racechrono and rental karting

I was the first, but now many drivers and teams are calling me for info to build a laptimer easy to lock and unlock on a rentalkarting steering wheel

@aol if you want to make racechrono a MUST TO HAVE for this sport, i have to say you some things to do.... this product for us is quite perfect but with 2-3 upgrade it will be more and more precious

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    @ConteDj I recognise there's limitations of this being an app for a phone, not a hardware product. But if there's something that could be done in software, just let me know. I do know some things that are on my TO-DO list, but I might be completely oblivious for some other things, as I don't do karting let alone run a rental kart shop.
  • i think maybe it can work with APEX TIMING data...
    so can the driver see the right laptime mm:ss,000
    distance from driver ahead and back
    (but maybe it is not so simple to do)
    and other functions that racechrono has: delta time and delta speed

    the other IMHO important thing is to have pit time:
    in rental races there is a minimum time to stay in pit, if it is setted on racechrono the driver can start when it go to zero.

    this second things maybe is more easier to do

    the last thing is a remote control by the garage
    the team manager can say the driver performance and send him full screen messages (flag, box call, push, ecc ecc ecc)
  • the fixing kit for the iphone 5 i use, is a simple steel plate and M8 screw, putted into a armor cover buyed on aliexpress..
    it works as well and it is very fast to lock and unlock
    i spend about 15s to unlock from a kart and lock on another
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