Different value displayed on the screen when driving vs when reviewing the session?

I went to a track day this weekend and noticed that when I set my best lap of the day, the RaceChrono screen showed 2:10.2, but then the session summary table showed 2:10.30.

Here's a video where you can see 2:10.2 on the RaceChrono screen at the end:
And here's the session summary that shows 2:10.30: https://imgur.com/EmQ3Kto

I think I've seen similar inconsistencies in the past.
Let me know if you need my session file to analyze, or if it's a known issue.

While at it, maybe the same m:ss.xx format should be used for the on-track screen layout? Just .x seems insufficient.


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    The summary table is rounding, while the live timer isn't. So your lap time was probably 2:10.296 or something like that. If you scroll the "Route" mode with video screen on, you'll see what the live timer displayed on the video overlay. I see how it can be confusing...
  • It's even more confusing when you're celebrating doing 2:10.2 but then back in the paddock you realize you were .1s slower :)
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    Understood :) I think I'm going to make the timer round too.
  • Sounds good!
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