All-time personal best reference lap

Is there a way to pin my all-time best lap time at a track as an automatic reference against which all future laps at that track will be measured against when I start a session? Want to see time delta when driving against my all-time best not single session best.


  • Added to TO-DO list.
  • I second that this would be a nifty feature.
  • Hello - I registered to comment on this thread. This feature would be amazing and I really need it :)
  • Would be great to have an all-time OPT lap too 🙂

  • Looks like we have a winner here :-)

    Hope it makes it to the next release since track season is live now, at least in America.

  • Great idea, I fully support the implementation of this feature!

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    I second the all-time OPT lap idea.

    I've figured out a temporary solution to the all-time PB. If you keep resuming sessions under your last track day instead of starting a new session, you get the desired outcome. May have to possibly keep 3 session threads going per track based on weather and tires - wet, dry with slicks and dry with street tires.

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    As workaround I would suggest adding the current best as reference lap for the new sessions. Using resume to keep everything on same session over months and years, will eventually result in unbearable slowdown (and possibly out-of-memory) when loading the session. I'd use the resume only within the same event.
  • Just tried it. Works. I think this is a reasonable compromise which saves you development time. Now I hope you can spend time on using OPT lap as a reference.

  • Will track progress there @timurrrr . Thanks for sharing.

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