Gear indicator for FT86/BRZ

Anyone know of a way to show what gear the car is based on rpm and engine speed.


  • I'm pretty sure there is an OBD PID for that, but I don't remember it off the top of my head.
    Although the total number of updates per second you can get over the OBD protocol is so limited that I wouldn't waste any bandwidth on the gear PID.

    If you can use the CAN protocol instead (should be available in the next 7.2 beta?), see this CAN PID:

    Personally I don't use either, as it's fairly straightforward to guestimate which gear you're in judging by the rpms and speed, and typically you can see gear shifts from the interior camera (if you use one).
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    @timurrrr It can be useful if you don't know which gear is the fastest through some sections. If you know the track by heart, then maybe not so much.
  • @timurrrr while I agree its nice to have to. To use CAN protocol you need the special OB2 reader that can read the CAN bus correct?
  • @aol Oh I didn't mean "knowing which gear is useless", I meant you don't really need to log anything other than speed and rpm to be able to quickly tell which gear which corner was used on a given lap.
  • @JFlogerzi Correct. OBDLink MX+ might be just enough for that. Even with the CAN bus I prefer not to use the Bluetooth bandwidth on this PID, as the gear number there is the only useful byte that's not already available on the more-useful CAN PIDs :)
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