Using CAN-Bus Shield with motorcycle

Hey folks, I hope this is the right place to ask my question.

Anyways, I have a project with my 2019 Yamaha MT-25. I need to get the rpm information but it would be cool if I get pressure, oil temperature, etc.

I did some research and eventually got arduino uno and canbus shield(with mcp2515).

The bike has a 4 pin socket. +12V, gnd, can-h and can-l. I’ve connected bikes CAN outs with shield’s CAN inlets.
I used “can read demo” example from SparkFun library. But I had no answers from my bike. I guess it works for cars protocol. Then I did more research and got that bikes have different protocols such as yds, sds… I see some people can reach raw CAN-Bus messages from their motorcycles. I want to do it with CAN-Bus shield.

Long story short I think I need a proper code to ask for information from bike. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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