Display sector names / corner names when reviewing laps?

I was comparing our laps with a friend who normally uses AIM (thanks for the support to import those!) and he was confused when I sent screenshots from RaceChrono. A valid feedback I got from him was that it would be useful to see which corner is where on the graph.

I then noticed that RaceChrono already shows split names when reviewing individual sectors; but now when reviewing whole laps. Could split names also be displayed when reviewing whole laps, similar to how lap numbers are displayed when reviewing whole sessions? I think this would address my friend's confusion, as long as I have enough splits, and they have descriptive names.


  • Also curious how "linear" X-axis scaling works.
    When comparing two laps, does it do linear scaling for whole laps, or multi-linear, sector-by-sector?
  • For corner names, I wonder if we could add a special "Trap type" that doesn't introduce sectors, but does show up in the data view during review.
  • Linear scaling is linear for the whole lap/sector/what-ever-is-displayed. Usually there's no reason not to use "Position". for comparison.

    Corner name trap type is a pretty good idea. Maybe even a corner apex trap type, so it could used for other features too?
  • Oh, didn't realize that. Why does "linear" scaling even exist then? 😁

    Yeah, I guess I'd normally put a "trap" for a corner roughly around the apex, yes. But do you think that manual entry for those, combined with the GPS position precision would allow us to make any use of those? I'm not sure about that.

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