Delay changes to the map layout in the overlay when a lap is finished?

When I export a video for a single lap, I keep a few seconds of video after I cross the start/finish line.
I noticed that if that single lap is the last full lap of a session (as in "I go to the pits afterwards, and drive around the paddock"), the map in the video overlay changes to whatever zigzag I drive in the paddock.
Here's an example:

For the "Timing" section of the video overlay, I noticed there's a delay when the data for the previous lap is frozen for a few seconds after crossing the start/finish line. Perhaps we can simply do the same thing for the map?


  • I noticed that my link with a timestamp isn't correctly handled by this forum.
    The moment I was talking about happens at 2:22 in the video.
  • There will be complete overhaul of the overlay configuration to make it much more configurable, and I will look at this then too.
  • Given that you've already implemented the right condition for the Timer section, do you think it would be easy to reuse the same condition for the Map section, without waiting for the overhaul?
  • Unfortunately any existing code cannot be reused for this.
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