Need an option to make a gauge in the video overlay analog-only

One of my friends gave me feedback on my onboard videos that the digital number in the virtual tachometer is not very useful and "flickers" so much that it's distracting. They suggested either rounding to hundreds of rpms or hiding the digital number altogether. Unfortunately, I don't think RC currently supports doing either?
I suggest changing the "Analog" switch from a checkbox to a dropdown with "Analog only", "Analog and digital" and "Digital only" options.

While at it, I'd also appreciate other ways to visualize certain channels, e.g. I'd personally prefer to use a linear vertical bar for pedals (also analog only?) for pedals. Maybe even with colors — green for gas, red for brake seems to be a common convention?


  • Added to my TO-DO. There will be complete overhaul of the overlay configuration to make it much more configurable, and I will look at this then too.
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