Provide an option to show a 2nd data panel when reviewing data?

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I frequently find it hard to tell which line is which when I want to review more than a few data channels.
I feel that having separate panels for e.g. "speed, rpm" and "accelerator, brake" would make them easier to read.
It may even allow increasing the number of readable data channels from 4 to 8.

I understand that back when RaceChrono was originally designed, perhaps most phones had tiny screens.
Personally I use a 5.5" phone now (Pixel XL) and sometimes even a 7" tablet to review data,
and feel like I could certainly squeeze more data on the larger screen.


  • Already on my TO-DO list :)
  • Thanks! I'm also thinking maybe it's a good idea to split the single Settings button into "one button for each section".

    It never made sense why the Maps Settings are buried below the long list of data channels, but the Map section is above the Data section :) Also the video sections already have their own "menu" buttons, that act essentially like settings buttons.

  • I don't like too many floating buttons either... It's tough screen to get right UI wise.
  • Yeah, I see the challenge...
    I like how the buttons in the video panels disappear and get out of the way after you stop interacting with them. Perhaps something similar can be done for data panels.
  • Or maybe tapping the "Settings button" then asks "which of the following panels you want to tweak?" one way or another, e.g. "tap to highlight", or something.
  • Well it's not exactly simpler, if you have extra clicks involved in doing stuff :smile:
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