Update the digital timing gauges after marking the previous lap invalid?

So during the recent autocross, I noticed a bug:
1) I did 4 runs, improving my time with every run
2) After the 4th run, I was told I hit some cones on the 4th run, so I marked it invalid (without interrupting the session)
3) When I returned to the main view (timing), it displayed 3 as the best lap, but still displayed the lower time of the 4th run, along with a green time delta

Suggestion: in a situation when the last lap(s) was(were) marked as invalid,
a) show the last lap as "invalid"
b) don't show the green time delta (show "N/A"? nothing? gray box?)


  • It worked as designed :) I think displaying the (invalid) lap time in current and previous box is fine. If it appears on comparison or best, then it is a problem.
  • Ok that might be fine.

    But at least the "Time delta" shouldn't be green? :)
  • FTR, this is how the screen looked like as I was waiting for run #5: https://imgur.com/Hdw6Y77

    after I marked run #4 invalid: https://imgur.com/MuGQx8t

    I still think it would be better to just show "Previous / 4 / Invalid" and a blank "Time delta" instead of showing the previous result (knowing it's invalid) and some random time delta.
    If I had a passenger in my car (i.e. someone who doesn't know that run 4 was marked as invalid) paying attention to RaceChrono and I set e.g. 36.0 on run #5, they would certainly be confused.
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