RaceChrono on Mac with the M1 processor? It runs ios apps

@aol The new Mac with the M1 processor will run phone and tablet apps but Im not seeing RaceChrono in the app store. Several lap timers show up and can be installed, but not this one.

Any chance you can allow this for RaceChrono?


  • Tricky question :) But, yes, I have opted-out from the automatic Mac release. If there ever will be Mac (or PC) version, I'm going to need to properly customise it for that platform.
  • Ok. Out of curiosity, have you tried it on a M1 Mac? I have used tablet applications on my M1 Macbook and they work pretty decent. If it worked OK, allowing it would let those of us who use Macbooks to use the larger screen to check/compare our runs. I see some guys using emulators for Android to do the same thing.

    I totally understand you may have reasons for not allowing it. Regardless, if you would like someone to try it and provide some feedback let me know, I would be happy to help.

    Thanks again for a great App !
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    I haven't tried it, and that's part of the problem too, as I don't have anything to test with yet.
  • Oh wow I didn't consider this! This would be an amazing capability!
  • @aol, digging this back up. Any chance you would allow me to test the program on a M1 Mac to see if it functions well enough to use?
  • I forgot I'd replied to this, just came across this thread again when re-discovering this idea and searching the app store and seeing it not there.

    @aol would you be happy to opt in to the mac release so we can try it out?
  • @aol any updates?
    I think you could use the iPad version, it should work without problems I guess
  • No updates on this, still not supported.
  • +1, maybe someday, because working on the phone is just bad
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