vbo file cannot open by circuit tools(macOS and iOS)

I have both Android and iOS version of RaceChrono. I use Android to record the track day data(OBD+GPS) and email the rcz file to iOS for further analyse. Everything works fine until I try to use the data on circuit tools:
1. the vbo file works fine with circuit tools (windows), but circuit tools on pc don't have the specific track data(cir) so I try to do it on macOS and iOS;
2. the vbo file can not work with circuit tools (macOS and iOS), it always ends up with the same error "cannot get data information".
3. One of my friend's vbo file works fine with circuit tools (macOS and iOS) , whom recorded his data on iOS version of RaceChrono, and his vbo file works on my circuit tools (macOS and iOS), too. But my vbo file can not work on his.

So, could it be the rcz file original generated on Android cause all the problem?


  • Unfortunately Circuit Tools has some bugs, causing it to malfunction sometimes with files exported from RaceChrono. No idea why this is, nor how to fix it. RaceLogic obviously does not offer support for RaceChrono, so we're on our own.
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