"Fit to width" mode?

I was thinking, when comparing two sectors, or even laps, the way scrubbing currently works is that the cursor is fixed in the middle of the screen, while you move the distance/time left and right with your finger.

@aol Have you considered providing the opposite way in some situations, where the data is "fixed" on the screen, and you move the cursor around instead?

Examples I can think of where this might useful are:
a) landscape mode, where the whole lap can fit on the screen
b) reviewing a short-ish section of a lap, where the horizontal zoom level allows fitting all/most of the data on one screen

Alternatively, you could even make data and the cursor draggable separately with some smart UI.
For example, the cursor could have a "handle" you can drag it with, and dragging anywhere else drags the data instead.


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    @timurrrr No, I haven't really considered adding another way to scrub. I see how it could work on large screens, like iPad, but on a phone it does not have much chance to work nicely enough.

    That said I could "fit to width" even with the current scroll UX. Just zoom in automatically a bit if the data slice is not wide enough otherwise.
  • Yeah, that would be a simple and useful improvement. When I do AutoX, my sectors are so short that I always start by zooming in a few times. That became so much of a habit that I didn't even think about reporting it :D

    I think that improvement might be useful not just for tablets. Some modern phones have enormous screens and the line between tablets and phones has been very blurry. On top of it, some modern phones are 18:9 and then taller, providing a lot of screen width when in landscape orientation. I think if such option was offered, each user could make their own choice of what works best for them.

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