qstarz gt BL-1000GT can't connect with RaceChrono for iOS

It's the first time I try to connect qstarz gt BL-1000GT with RaceChrono for iOS on my iPhone and it doesn't work at all ...
When I want to connect this external GPS there is a message which indicates "you need a bluetooth authorization" ...?
The external GPS doesn't appear in the list of iPhone's setting for bluetooth.
While with the application QRacing the connection is OK on my iPhone and qstarz gt BL-1000GT appears on the list of iPhone's setting for Bluetooth...
What's wrong ? Someone can help me to resolve this problem ?
Thanks in advance.


  • Hi, well that's weird. Have you tried to "Forget" the 1000GT from iOS Bluetooth settings, and then trying with RaceChrono first? Which iOS version are you running?
  • Hi,
    It's OK ! I didn't click for authorize RaceChrono to connect to bluetooth at the end of the menu of iPhone...
    All the best
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