Full throttle

My friends always comment on my videos that I'm slow since I almost always only end up with 99% throttle in my videos 😁😁😁

It seems the "Show scaled value" function somewhere in a session picks up a short peak slightly higher than where the full throttle value is most of the time. Maybe just always rounding up would fix it?

This issue has been in all cars I've had actually. Regardless which of the throttle channels I've used.



  • The "scaled value" check box will go away in the upcoming overlay overhaul, and will be replaced by scaling that will allow you to define the max and min values. So won't fix it meanwhile.

    What you can do is to define your custom PID for it. Just use the PID of the standard channel you're using, and create a custom channel with the same PID, but your own equation. If you want to scale 15-85 to 0-100% you can do the following:

    scale(A/2.55, 15.0, 85.0, 0.0, 100.0)
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