shift light

could I request a shift light on the live data screens please?


  • On my TO-DO list :) Emailed you more detailed answer.
  • Hi @aol is there an update on this? I'm planning a semi permanent installation on the steering column, it would be nice to have the replica of some instruments in the RCP dashboard and a flashing screen for the shifting. Thanks!

  • @jeby this is scheduled for the general overlay and gauges overhaul that will probably happen next year.
  • Hi everyone, could I ask if there's any updates on this request ?

    Flashing screen could be really fair, and if we could choose between flashing screen or/and blinking the camera flash light that's could be wonderful ❤️

    Thanks 🙏

  • Unfortunately not. Let's see what we have time to come up with for the upcoming v8.0 ...
  • 😭 thanks for your reply.😭

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