Feature request: "Swipe to show the most recent ~5 laps"?

I went to an AutoX today and realized that I don't really use the screens other than the one with timing.
I have it set up as last lap, best lap, time delta, speed delta.

When in the car, I don't use the other screens, such as Cameras.

Instead, I feel like it would be more useful for me to be able to quickly swipe to look at my last few laps,
similar to one of the black boxes in iRacing. This probably shouldn't be too hard to implement?
Maybe even with a brief color-coded table for sectors (good/bad), although perhaps it might get too crowded.

Curious how much customization can be allowed to let the user select how many / which screens
they can swipe through, besides just allowing customization of each screen.


  • I've read it three times now, and not 100% sure what you mean. Can you add more detail so I can grasp your idea :)
  • Yikes, forgive my excess of words.
    Let me try to rephrase it in simpler terms.

    Currently, when I start a session, RC shows a grid of timing-related widgets (screen 0?).
    If I swipe the screen with my finger to the right, I see the Cameras (screen -1?).
    If instead I swipe to the left, I see a bunch of digital gauges (screen +1?).
    If I swipe to the left once again, I see the track map (screen +2?).

    I'd like to have an option to have just two screens:
    the default as "screen 0",
    and add a table showing the recent ~5 lap times as "screen +1".

    I presume the current pre-defined screens is useful for some users,
    and understand that it provides a certain level of customization (which widgets to show),
    but I find the current screens not fit my usage well.
    I personally only use screen 0, and the green/red action button with chevron
    that allows the user to check that GPS, OBD, etc. are working correctly.
    There's no easy way to glance at the most recent lap times while driving.

    I understand that providing a choice between "Default screens"
    and "timurrrr's preference" is probably not ideal, so I can imagine that
    a better strategy here would be to provide some customization options
    so that users can choose which screens are available, and in which order.

    Hope this makes more sense?
  • Also, a couple more ideas:
    1) Why does RC even show the "Cameras" screen when no cameras are set up in the app?
    2) Why is the red/green action button with the chevron icon opening up
    a "sliding sheet" with GPS/OBD/etc data? Wouldn't it be more logical/consistent
    if it was just one of those swipe'able screens?
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