Racechrono stops recording shortly into second lap?

Hey, I've been using Racechrono for a few years now and yesterday was the first time I ran into this issue. I started my external GPS and selected my track and went out, when I came in after 4 laps I went to stop recording and then when I went to look at my laps I noticed that only the first lap and a small bit of lap 2 were recorded.

Is there a way to determine what happened? Unfortunately, it was my last session of the day so I was unable to try again so see if it was a repetitive problem. Just want to know if there is anything I should be doing in advance of my next day to ensure this won't happen again.



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    Hard to say why it happened, but there's many possibilities...

    1) Battery run out on the external GPS.

    2) GPS signal loss. If you leave to track immediately after switching on the GPS, the signal might be still weak and result loss in the track. Same can happen if you are in a covered pit box. Can be mitigated by waiting a while to get a good lock to satellites (somewhere not covered). Usually 5 minutes is fine. Not to forget the need to have the GPS properly placed in direct view to sky and satellites.

    3) Intermittent failure of the Bluetooth connection. Rebooting the phone and the GPS receiver will help.

    4) Hardware failure. Sometimes vibrations can cause the GPS receiver simply fail. I've even seen a GPS receiver working fine when carried around, but failing immediately when put on a race bike.

  • ah interesting. Thanks! I'll test it out next week and bring a space external just incase it's a hardware failure.
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