Picture in Picture position

Is there any way to change the position of the PiP ? If not it could be a good improve because when you have in "big screen" driver/codriver and the track in PiP in the default high right position you can't see one of the 2 people inside


  • I know some autocrossers have 3 additional cameras (4 total) to capture each side of the car, and rear view. Is it possible to set up in RaceChrono?
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    You can change the size and position of the PIP in the overlay editor. You'll find the overlay editor through the "Edit overlay..." in the menu of video player control in the Analysis screen
  • Ok thx but can t find a way to test it before exporting ?

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    The editor should show a black box where the PIP should be. No other way to test without exporting a bit. You can also export just 30 seconds or so, by defining the start and end time for the export.
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