Custom PIDs for brake, TPMS etc data - can we properly reward for them?

Hello guys and aol,

Finally I've found someone who has a wide knowledge of CAN bus. He also has a F80 BMW M3 like I do so he is willing to look up for custom PIDs for brake pressure or etc. Surely I can't wait for it. Personally I am willing to pay for it although he doesn't want me to do that. But again as a big fan of RC, I would pay, say, US$100-200 for such custom PIDs to make my RC (or Race Render) video clips rich with all key information.

I am sure there are more people, at least with F8x, who would like to pay for such valuable info (not like US$100-200 but perhaps US$10-20?) Simply speaking I would like to motivate him further and reward him properly for his time and efforts as well.

One of my humble ideas is to offer a sort of "BMW M custom PID extension pack" to RC users at a reasonable price and share some of profit to the CAN bus guy. But certainly this kind of process should be granted and developed by aol :smile:

Or perhaps I can just share that info here and add a link to donate Bitcoin etc to that CAN bus guy...

Anyhow I am so glad to find that CAN bus expert! I'd appreciate any good suggestions.



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    Hi @HarryKim , I appreciate the thought put in to this idea.

    I like monetising stuff in the app, as I make my living on it, but this is a difficult topic.

    There's so many different vehicle models, that we would have too many paying users for each set of reverse engineered Custom OBD-II or CAN-Bus channels. So the return would be only pennies for him... Also if I charge money from users, I need to make sure I sell something that works properly, which is virtually impossible, as I only have access to limited set of vehicles. So I would be selling something that I could not confirm to work properly.

    My plan has always been to make this a crowd sourced and free feature, similar to our track library. But so far the emphasis on development has been to make the Custom OBD-II and CAN-Bus feature work properly and allow creating equations for every kind of encoded data.

    My advice would be to team up with other BMW F80 drivers using RaceChrono, and split the expenses.
  • Hey @HarryKim, have you seen ?

    Besides the hardware "design" and code for that hardware, another goal of this GitHub project is to document CAN IDs and equations for RaceChrono for popular cars. So far I documented BRZ/86 and ND Miata, as well as added someone else's NC Miata. If you or someone else finds more info for other popular cars, feel free to send me a pull request.

    That GitHub project even has a "Donate" button at the bottom. You'll be surprised how little I got so far :smiley:
  • @aol @timurrrr Thanks for your valuable commentaries here! Well noted. I will share our progress in F8x M series sooner or later. :smile:
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