Export data file type for RaceRender

I realize this is a very BASIC question that probably has 10 answers lying in the archives 5 years ago, but I was not able to find them. When I export my session in v3.csv, or v2.csv, or v1.csv I get Shenandoah track in Summit Point Raceway shown as a straight line (in RaceRender) and a starting and non changing MPH of 13422 despite the cap being 120MPH. The only export that gave something different that I have found so far has been the .nmea export which does not show the track accurately (although not a straight line) despite the phone app having it correct. I was at first exporting the data from my Android S9 to a Google Drive. I suspected that "maybe" the file was getting altered or changed and so I went with the tried and true old school cable and grabbed the file from my phone to my PC which appeared exactly as it had previously. Anyone with a helpful tip gets a million zillion dollars! - which will be deposited into the bank of your choice after you provide proper ID, DNA and fingerprint on or after your 200th birthday.
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    RaceRender should support the *_v2.csv file. I wonder if Google Drive is adding some line feeds to the file? Can email me a sample (we talked this morning over RC support) of both files, one that works and one that doesn't?

    I'd still urge you to talk with the RaceRender support, as it's much easier for them to see why a particular file is not working. For us it's just poking a black box in different ways until it works :)
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