[Advance usage] Laps detection failed from exported session with resumes to RaceRender3 format csv

Hi @aol ,

I have the RC pro with iOS.

This might be a bug or unexpected scenario. Two topics to discuss in this thread. My use case it using RC to record a self-defined track for a mountain run. I hit this route once per week. The resume feature helps. I was using Harry's laptimer most of time. I notice RC is much more stable to fetch samples from external devices. Especially the speed and time delta features. I'm moving to RC now. I used to export laps into csv and render the vids with RaceRender3. RaceRender can't handle the exported csv from RC very well for single lap or autocross .

1. RaceRender doesn't recognize the end of the lap. It's needed to modify the csv to change the non-lap line with the sequential number of the ended lap. For example, to modify the ,1,,, to ,1,3,, right after the N37 end line.
1629352280.245,1,2,N47 end,-1684.169,-2067.702,5778.049,15.302,464.011,288.500,1.198,-0.060,10.0,437.745,-45.638,1.216,24.9570655,121.6387960,52.5,11,1,1.30,2.70,15.336,15,3137,83.6,112.1,115.590,9.218,55.9,34.4,144.3,73.5,35.6,1,14.590

2. From the exported multiple resumes session, RaceRender3 can't split laps for different days. The reason should be the same I the described in the above.

Btw, is there a way to see the speed and time delta of same track from different days? (without resume)

The exported csv

RC is pretty nice. The only missing function is the gear indicator compare with Harry. Nice work.

thx / Hugo


  • 1) The RaceRender issue seems more like RaceRender than RC issue, you should let them know too :)

    2) I guess it's better to export as "Session start / Fragment 1...n" than single laps or full session

    3) You should not really use the resume functionality over many days. It was intended to be used for a single day on a single track.

    4) You can add a reference lap once you start your new session. Select the track, and then press the "Graph" button on top. The session overview opens and you can add any reference lap you like from another session ("+ Add reference lap").
  • Hi @aol

    For 4), the speed and time delta overlays are not showing in the video with reference lap from different day tho.

  • @tonytkdk Really? It's a bug if it doesn't show them...
  • @aol

    There you go. The reference lap is 3:53 one. The 3:56 lap has no time & speed delta.

  • @tonytkdk It's comparing to the first lap (the blue row). Open the context menu for the R1 (tap the R1 text), and select "Compare to this". Does it work then?
  • @aol that works. I missed a step to compare to this against R1

    thx. This helps

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