UX improvements for creating/altering the track layout

Every other week I use RaceChrono for AutoX, as well as with Assetto Corsa.
I frequently need to create new track layouts.

Usually I start by just adding the start/finish line, and maybe a couple of approximate checkpoints.
After doing a few laps I typically tweak the checkpoints in three ways:
a) Add more checkpoints — typically I end up creating a checkpoint for every "straight" where I have at least a second of acceleration in a straight line.
b) Move them so that they are ~ half a second before the next braking zone.
c) Make sure checkpoints point as parallel as possible to the racing line.

Today I realized two things that I think can improve the user experience a lot:
1) Use some visualization tweaks for the racing line displayed on the map.
Currently it's just a red line.
Can we make braking zones red and acceleration zones green?
Add high/low speed markers?
Both features are available when reviewing an individual lap, just not in the "edit track" mode.

2) When moving checkpoints around, can they automatically align to be parallel to the racing line?
Or maybe at least add a button to do that.

3) When adding a new checkpoint, can it default to be parallel to the closest point of the racing line?
In fact, instead of putting the checkpoint in the middle of the screen, can it be automatically placed at that closest point?
(Sometimes I just do a few laps without a track selected, or with very few checkpoints, and then add more checkpoints later)

I think a combination of these changes can make it much easier to create and edit track layouts.

Let me know if my train of thought needs clarification :)


  • edited August 2021
    I think I understood your ideas, and they are very good! UX improvements for the track editor will be scheduled for some time next year. I will add this thread to the task notes.
  • Great, thanks!

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