Show live data from app to a pc.

Is there a way to send live data to a laptop and make a live timing system in pits?


  • At the moment no, in the future yes, but no idea when :smile:
  • Hi, I use an android emulator for the computer and through the cloud I export the data to the pc, and I use Race Chrono on the computer, it's an idea
  • Next possible way is to create a DIY device with a gsm module. Then you have an internet connection and you could stream the data in the web.

    You PC is connected to the stream and receives the informations
  • Hello, i am new in the DIY game. ;-) And i really want the live data too at a PC in Pit.
    i will try a ESP32 with a SIM 808 GPRS/GSM, so i can add some hardware buttons too for signal a Pitstop over GSM.
    I will stream it in a Web Database and add a confirm button (on the Website) that will send a signal to the GSM Modul and a LED will confirm the Pit Stop for the Driver.

    What do you think about that? Is that a possible way and feasible?
  • I have an idea, the sensor signal is collected by the mobile phone racechrono, and then sent out through the mobile phone network, and then received by the computer
    Do you think this is feasible?
  • @Liluyanting

    I did a simple test collecting data from Racechrono over its built in BLE API and then sent it over wifi to my mobile phone using it as a hotspot, over the internet up to my webserver with a simple HTTP request to php script saving uploaded data to disk. Then a simple log view web page. Super basic proof of concept only
  • @MagnusThome would you be willing to share the test code? I've been trying to get data from Racechrono into InfluxDB but falling short on the BLE API side (1st project I've even touched ble)
  • I hadn't saved all the code I did the proof of concept with so this is a quickly put together thing to get you started. I think the data to send in this code might be in the wrong format, not necessarily degrees celsius.
  • Just waiting on some boards to come in the mail and i'll update on how the data into influxDB goes :)
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    @MagnusThome started getting data into InfluxDB thanks to your starting point! just wanted to ask do you know the channel format for the Longitude & latitude?

    {"Latitude", "channel(device(gps), latitude)* XXXX ", X.X}
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