PIP video codec error

I'm getting the "Failed: Video/audio codec" and I've looked at the FAQ about it, but still have a question. I have two video streams linked to the session, one is video channel 1, the other is video channel 2, and each of them export fine if you set them as the only video channel. However, when I try to use the PIP feature, I get the codec error message. From my reading of the FAQ, if it was a codec problem then one or other of the video streams would fail to export (and in fact when I first did the export, that was the case, so I re-made the offending video in lower resolution).

Do I need to make lower res versions of both video channels to allow the total video output to be within the capabilities of my phone? (BTW, phone is a Motorola g50, Android 11, with 20GB of free space)


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    It all depends on the hardware your phone has... So I do not have a silver bullet solution for this problem. What kind of resolutions and FPS are use using for the videos?
  • Both videos are 1920x1080 and 30fps (i.e. using recommended settings for YouTube from the video editor)
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    Looks like it's a fairly low end phone, so it might just be it does not support two decoders and one encoder at once. Is it the G50 or G50 5G? They have different processors. Maybe check the exact model from Android settings.
  • G50 5G - didn't have any problems doing basically the same thing on my older phone, a moto G6
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    The 5G has a MediaTek chipset. Also as the main camera is only 1080p@30/60fps on the G50 5G, I suspect the specs on that chipset are not enough to export the PIP video, unfortunately.
  • Thanks for checking it out. In the end I went back to the old Moto g6 and it exported the PIP video fine, using the same video files.

    Seems odd that the newer phone couldn't handle it when the old one could!

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    Newer is not always better, especially when it comes to the low end phones. In this case your new phone probably has worse video chip than the old one.
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