OBD-LX transfer rate issue (previously working perfectly - perhaps recent update bug?)

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I am using an OBD-LX (the green one) since some time, and all work great in RaceChrono. I generally keep the RPM and throttle in fast channels, and coolant temperature and others in slow. All worked great for many years until this August, when I noted that RPMs and Throttle are also recorded at slow speed (around 1 sample per second). I verified that they are assigned to fast channels and tried to remove and re-add the OBD-LX device to racechrono, but that didn't fixed the problem. It seems a transfer rate issue (the max speed I see in racechrono is 0.1 kg/s, which is quite low). I then tried to read the data from Torque to check if it is a problem with the OBD-LX, however there I see very fast readings, clearly many values per second, therefore I think it must be something in racechrono.

Any help/idea? I am using Android, on a Galaxi S10e. Many thanks!


  • Can you create me a new session for troubleshooting purposes?

    1) Please turn on "RaceChrono > Settings > Expert settings > Save device output".

    2) Then record a session while connected to your OBD-II reader. It is connected if the "Connecting to..." goes away and does not appear again. Short session with GPS lock, and the OBD-II reader connected is ok. No need to be at a race track, just a casual drive around is fine.

    3) Please share that session with me (using the share button, that generates a .rcz file) to tracks(at)racechrono.com
  • Hi @mlx, thank you for the sample. The expert setting "RaceChrono > Settings > Expert Settings > OBD-II expert settings > Request delay" other than "0 ms" will cause this. Set it to 0 ms, or reset the expert settings from the "X" button on top, and it will be fixed!
  • I have a Samsung Note 4 with Android 6.01 and have tried to use RaceChrono 7.3 with a OBD-LX. I NEVER get "Connecting to" go away. Sometimes I get some data from OBD-LX at a low rate. When I test with Torque everything works OK.
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    @KristerO "Connecting to..." problem is unrelated to the @mlx's problem.

    Unpair the OBDLink LX from your phone's Bluetooth settings, and then pair again by pushing the pairing button on the OBDLink LX, and connecting with RaceChrono. If this does not help, then remove the OBDLink from RaceChrono settings and add again.

    Also make sure no other app is connecting to the OBDLink LX at the same time.
  • I got a firmware update for OBD-LX this morning and now RaceChrono connects better and data transfer rate is faster. I will keep on testing and compare with another Bluetooth interface.
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