Conflict DUAL XGPS150 and OBDLink MX Wifi

I have set up an external GPS, the XGPS150, then according to the info found in this forum to set up the Wifi OBDLink MX I configured a new internal sensor, RaceChrono DIY, TCP/IP protocol, enable MNMEA 0183, IP and TCP port 35000. After pressing the OK button, display this message that there is a conflict with the external GPS XGPS150 and to enable the OBD2 reader the external GPS must be disable. Any ideas how to make them work together?


  • You've misunderstood something. The NMEA 0183 is a GPS protocol, not OBD-II. This is how you configure a Wi-Fi GPS. So that's why you get a conflict.

    There's ready made option for the OBDLink MX Wi-Fi (as well as generic Wi-Fi OBD-II reader) under "+ Add OBD-II reader", please use those and it should work.
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