Tire temperature IR camera updated (RejsaRubberTrac)



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    Choose the one that lists the hardware you have.

  • I got it all!
    Thanks for your patience and help!
    I don't know how I did it but it worked
  • Hey!
    I have a VL53L0XV2 sensor and it does not show the distance.
    I also set it to "6" in the configuration, but in the Racechrono program it only finds it as the front right wheel (FR).
    board while ESP32,
  • sorry, VL53L1X sensor
  • I don't know that distance sensor or if anything is different in its API. So you are on your own figuring out if you need to rewrite some code or not. Start with looking up the library that is used and what that says it supports and how.

  • What is the Bluetooth name of it?

  • "RejsaRubbeFR",
  • Only that, no other characters at the end of the name?

  • when connected to reyschrono in the search only this "RejsaRubbeFR"
  • A guess could be you haven't used the correct GPIO pins for external wiring as they are documented in configuration.h for the board setting you also chose there?

  • board ESP D1 R32
  • Looked in configuration.h for pinout/GPIO to use ?

  • #define GPIOLEFT 13 // GPIO pin number
    Is this pin to ground? or from the sensor SDA
    to connect here?
  • I connected these contacts from the sensor ( SDA, SCL) to such contacts ( SDA, SCL) on the board.
  • If GPIOLEFT is set to 13 that is the pin to ground to set it to left

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    Or leave open and set it to LF as you did in the config file instead. But don't ground pins AND set in config file.

  • I did this
    #define GPIOCAR SDA // GPIO pin number
    #define GPIOFRONT SDA // GPIO pin number
    #define GPIOLEFT SDA // GPIO pin number
    #define GPIOMIRR SDA // GPIO pin number
    and only after that it began to determine how the rear wheel
  • Hello friends!
    my brain is broken.
    I bought a Bluefruit nRF52 Feather board, but when I start to upload a program to the board, I get this error

    Compilation error: control reaches end of non-void function [-Werror=return-type]

    What am I doing wrong again? Please, help!
  • if I put the main program, then everything is OK, but I have an AMG sensor
  • sorry, master
  • I really have no idea what the error message is but guess maybe incorrect edits in config file or incorrect board settings in Arduino IDE or some library missing in it

  • if I load the sketch master, then everything is ok. But there is no amg8833 sensor. if you upload a development sketch for esp32, then everything is also ok and works with amg8833
  • Read and edit the config file properly.

  • no matter what I change in the configuration, the error points to the tab "spline"
  • Go back to the untouched files which compiles fine. Then do one single change of the changes you need to do and test compile. One more single change, test compile. And so on. Until you get your compilation error. Then you know better what to continue to pursue

  • I take your main file, open it in the program, change only the board and the sensor in the configuration, and immediately upon checking this error. If you change the sensor to another error is the same.
    if you take a sektch master, then he gets up without any problems.
  • Again, do one edit at a time. Is the error with the sensor or the board. Then one can continue to dig for the issue.

  • as soon as I change the board to nrf in the arduino and select nrf in the configuration, an error will immediately appear
  • I took a look and the board library files from Adafruit for their nRF boards. Adafruit has set compiler warnings much stricter there than for ESP32 boards. They've set it so return type check warnings prevents compiling. By just turning off these warning messages compilation runs fine.

    Search for the file "platform.txt" in a sub directory for the Arduino IDE settings and board definitions. On a windows portable install i can be here
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\portable\packages\adafruit\hardware\nrf52\some version number\...
    On a non portable install or Mac or Linux machine it'll be somewhere else of course.

    Just comment out the warning lines:

    name=Adafruit nRF52 Boards
    # Compile variables
    # -----------------
    #compiler.warning_flags.more=-Wall -Werror=return-type
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