Sessions empty when using DUAL 150

I must be doing something wrong when using my DUAL 150 with RC...

I had the DUAL 150 receiver added to the RC settings and turned on. Then I go into the BT device list and make sure the 150 is paired and return to RC and start a session, and swipe to the video screen. The video screen shows you there is a connection to the 150 and there are 4-8 satellites (which I think is good.)
There is a message on the satellites screen that says, " A track will be automatically selected when You pass Start line" even though I previously selected the track before starting the session.
Then I press the record video button, I hear a BEEP, and I see the recording timer start to count (top-left.)
After I finish the session, I look in the sessions list, and it says 0 miles, and there is no linked video.

Did I miss a step in the setup or start process? Does the vehicle profile change how RC works without OBD (using GPS only)?


  • Hi @DonC. Are you sure you're looking at the correct session afterwards? Maybe the new session is further down the list?

    *While* recording, go to the analysis (the graph button on top right), and see if you can see your route so far?
  • edited October 2021
    There was only the one session recorded, I moved everything else to another computer before going to the track.
    but I will see if I can figure out what happened, since I have more time now.
  • Ok, let me know if the problem persists.
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