DIY Data Acquisition

Hello everyone, I am new here in the forum, but I am not new in data acquisition and some programming.

I´ve built an homemade data acquisitor using an ESP32, GPS module and acceleration sensors. I can read the data in a csv file on Excel, but I want to convert it to a vbo file, so I can read in Circuit Tools. Is there any information about it? I´ve been searching a lot and I didn´t find much. I know that vbo is an standart file format, but how can I save in it, or convert another format?

I also tried this: , from the support of RaceLogic, but it didn´t work.

The reason why I am trying to do this is because a local company made a data logger that can be used with Circuit Tools, and I want to emulate that.

Sorry if this is not related with RaceChrono, but it is the only forum where I see post about vbo files, and I read that RaceChrono can be used with Circuit Tools.

Thank you very much in advanced,



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