go pro video not displaying, but gps channel info is properly extracted

A few of my videos from the last track session would not display when loaded into RC. Most of them did just fine, but maybe 3 out of 18 did not. RC was still able to extract lap time info just fine but when it came to the analysis section I would get a black screen for that part of the video.

I uploaded a 3 part video from one of my sessions where I am not able to view the 1st video in RC but can view it just fine in a normal video player. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1vPV4Jn_wfdDFkQKlbOXndpaRAB_Dq_pV?usp=sharing
That folder also has some screen shots of what I am seeing.

I'm using RCP 7.3.0 for IOS running on a several year old ipad pro on the latest ios. The videos were recorded with a go pro 10. Not sure if this is related and I dont have a very big sample, but all of my go pro 9 videos loaded fine.

Also thanks for a developing a great app - I dont think it is making me any faster yet, but it is making days not on the track more enjoyable!


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    Well it does say "Video starts in 1 minutes", which means the next video file is synced one minute away from that position. Scroll the graph forwards to see if it loads there. I think the video sync is wrong.

    Did you use the GoPro remote control? The video file sync on that feature is really fragile, and it can do this. Much more reliable way is to use the "Automatic sync" feature described here: https://racechrono.com/article/480

    Or did you use the GoPro sensor data -import feature? Then this is probably a bug...
  • this was completely from the gopro sensor data import. the recording session was fragmented into 3 files and the video from the 2nd two files displays but the first one does not.
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    Resync is needed. See the link! :smile:
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    @apt_philly I finally had the time to try to reproduce the issue, and certainly something seems wrong with the first file. Not sure if it's an issue with the file, the player or what, but I'll investigate more. It might be possible to re-sync as I suggested, but not sure anymore.
  • Due to a bug, the first video file was linked to a wrong time in the session. It will be fixed in v7.4.2.

    Removing the link, and then adding them again manually will work-around the issue.
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