Hello Everyone , I started using the racecrono now , I used it on the kart here in Brazil , and I already noticed an error in the map marking . I started researching and saw that there were some forums talking about the 818xt qstarz , I updated mine but I haven't tested it yet but I realized today that when I start a session on a test track with the gps stopped it starts marking alone on the racecrono map does anyone know if this is a error or is it normal


  • Not sure what's happening there, maybe a slight language barrier. The BT-818XT model is not the most reliable one with Android, as the receiver is old, and it has an old Bluetooth chip that is not fully compatible with modern Androids. If you have a problematic session that you can share (as .rcz file) or some screenshots, please email them to tracks(at)
  • Thank you very much for the feedback, after analyzing it I realized that at 10hz it sometimes fails, so I changed it to 5hz. then I did 2 runs and it worked normally. now i made one with bn220 and hc06 i will test it but i fixed it at 8hz for safety i will test it on kart

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