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hello, I have made a custom track with 3 different splits.I compare two different runs in this track and I have 3 sec better time at the last one.When I compare the incar videos I see that although the graphs showing this delta time difference, the videos seem not to have this difference.The car start and finish together in the incar videos.Is something I have to do? I want to see this difference in the video, I mean my second run to finish 3 second earlier.


  • What "X-axis" setting do you have selected? What "Comparison X axis scaling"?

    Try "Time" and "Disabled" respectively.

  • "Disabled" is probably what is wanted here
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    I remember back when I was starting with RaceChrono, I was also always confused by that.

    Different options make sense for different goals. When comparing squiggly lines (data) between two laps, you almost always want these settings to be "Distance"/"Position". When linking a video to data, you always want "Time" (gladly, this is already the default).
    When comparing two videos, you probably want "Time"/"Disabled". My use case was that I wanted to look how much one run gains over the other on the map (as if I was replaying satellite/drone videos of the two runs), and also expected "Time"/"Disabled" to be the mode. Also I wish there was a way to align two runs with "X-axis" set to "Time" at a certain position, so that e.g. I can align two runs right before the earlier braking point of the two, and see how much distance one run gained over the other in a sequence of corners.

    Makes me wonder... perhaps instead of/besides having one view that can be configured for many different use cases, there should be presets for the most common cases? "Compare data", "Compare video/map", etc.
  • thank you guys!!!it works now, Disabled was the key!!!
  • Now i want to see the exact speed at the same point,lets say at 1,085m. I have clicked the distance

    but in the video comparison i have always a small difference in position.Do you think is because of the frame per second of the go pro?

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    @astrios You need to select the "Comparison X-axis scaling" as "Position" if you want data from same position on the comparison lap and the primary lap. It tries to be as close as possible. But as it shows the closest video frame, there's always a small difference, even if the video is synced perfectly.
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