Is possible to run racechrono on lap top ?

Hello can I run racechrono off a laptop? Is this possible? I found Qstar BT-Q818X that can use USB can I connect via usaB to laptop?

I am asking laptop then it save me money to buy phone maybe later :) I can use laptop in passenger seat.

Thanks for info!


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    Yes, at least on Windows XP you can run this: .

    I will also make sure later it will work with Vista and Windows 7. Please send me any feedback if you have trouble getting it work.
  • OH great I use XP still. I will order Qstar BT-Q818X do I require anything else?

    Thanks for quick reply! :)
  • I think that should be enough!
  • You might also like to use an ELM327 based obd2 cable to capture some of your car's obd2 parameters (coolant temp, engine rpm, boost, intake temp, ignition timing, afr etc).

  • hi well i only have obd0 in my car so no cables for me lol :)

    Can I see real time data on the laptop? I would like to video record the laptop screen laptime vs a XT beacon laptimer i have, just to see the accuracy. I can just tape the laptimer display on the laptop and have both going at the same time. I will post the video if this is possible.

    I just ordered the Qstar X so hopefully next week i should be able to try it.

  • For making video, use Racechron for logging, then use Racechrono2avi to replay the logged data and save it as a video.

    No need to record the desktop :)
  • Hi what could I build to input throttle and brake inputs on a obd0 car I have tried race chrono on my laptop and it works thanks!
  • Hello, I am also trying to get RaceChrono to work on my Windows XP laptop. I have a Holux GM-210 GPS receiver, which plugs into USB on the laptop. When I run RaceChrono (the Windows XP beta version), it does not appear to provide an option for a USB GPS device, only serial device or NMEA file. Am I missing something, or does RaceChrono not support USB GPS devices?

    Btw, software looks fantastic, I only wish I could get it up and running before going to Mid-Ohio next weekend!
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    vt951: I think all (or most) USB GPS will appear as serial port devices on your system. So they should have "virtual" COM ports assigned too, just like the Bluetooth GPS's. Just go to the device manager to see what COM port your GPS was assigned.
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    john: Sorry for late answer, but maybe you could wait the project mattnj is doing. It will have multiple analog inputs which you could use for brake and throttle etc.
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